Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar is casual, sophisticated, convivial, lively and  prides itself on the true flavours of regional Italian cuisine.

Our philosophy is simple…to serve fresh, simple and seasonal regional Italian dishes daily.

We respect and honour the historic context of regional Italian cookery without culinary pretension.

An eatery, preparing quality produce, exquisite coffee, wine and a signature polenta all designed for sharing, Italian family feast style.

The best way to eat at our Cucina is to let the kitchen do what it does best…Cook for you!

Our ‘Menu Fisso’ is $72 per person. Andre and the kitchen team decide daily what they will cook and serve based on seasonality and freshness.

All you need to do is tell us if you have any dietary requirements and then sit back and enjoy the culinary journey.

Our food is fun, interactive and engaging!

Menus and descriptions are important, however most of the time the best kitchens prepare daily for the day and while we do have menus, we encourage our guests to throw away with the menu and let the kitchen decide.

Our kitchen thrives on creating new dishes everyday & many of these dishes will never be printed on the menu board, but will be showcased as part of your ‘Menu Fisso’ feast. If not, feel free to ask our friendly Waiting staff what else may be available from our little Cucina on the day or evening.